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Kerala is an amazing potpourri of art, culture, beauty, diversity and warmth. The land is truly exotic and has something for everyone seeking to discover its verdant depths.

Some of the things to do while you are in Kerala, include: Backwater, Beach and Hill Station Vacations, Sightseeing, Chasing the Monsoon, Ayurvedic Rejuvenation & Wellness Therapies, Adventure Activities, Jungle Safaris, Shopping, Art and Cultural Entertainment, Heritage Tour, Pilgrim Tour etc.

Whether you’re on business or leisure, Kerala presents an awesome destination that lets you unravel the mystical beauty of the land and find true bliss. Here are a few clues to get you started on a fine vacation.

If you are looking for leisure, fun and discovery, Kerala has some of the finest Beach, Hill Station & Backwater Vacations waiting for you.

Kerala has one of the longest coastlines, sporting golden beaches fringed with emerald green coconut palms. Perfect to relax, get a tan or simply to enjoy the sun, sand and surf. You could also take to some beach or water sports activity.

The mist clad hills draped in verdant plantations are yet another attraction for those looking to chill out. A picturesque view of the picture book towns with narrow winding lanes, the tea plantations, boating by the lake, trekking etc are some of the things you can do uphill.

The backwaters of Kerala are unique in itself, attracting many a traveler from far and wide. You could take a cruise along the tranquil backwaters in traditional houseboats, enjoy the scenic village side as you cruise by, interact with the locals, and go fishing or simply canoe down the backwaters. It’s an experience you just can’t afford to miss.

The verdant jungles of Kerala invites you on an enticing adventure trip, where you can take a trek down the tropical forests and the woods, go on a jungle safari and check out the exotic flora and fauna of the place, go bird watching or simply chase the monsoon. Just get together your backpack and your survival gear to feel the real adventure on the unbeaten tracks of Kerala.

Or how about a rejuvenating wellness therapy by the authentic ayurvedic therapists and masseurs themselves? Experience this holistic science of healing, to refresh your body, mind and soul. Traditional ayurvedic wellness therapies during the monsoon will be ideal to open out those pores and let your body and mind experience a refreshing new beginning.

And of course, the Kerala cuisine is delectable. You should try the ‘Sadhya’, a wholesome 4-course vegetarian meal spread on a plantain leaf. Or if you’re the seafood type, try some ‘Karimeen Pollichathu’, ‘Prawn Masala’ or ‘Crab Soup’ fresh from the nets and cooked in traditional style. Being the land of spices, some of the dishes could mean a bit spicy for the foreigner. But tune your taste buds to take in some fine spice, and you’ll simply love it!

If you are here on business, Kerala has some of the finest luxury hotels and convention centers to host business meetings, conferences, expositions, seminars, banquets etc, on an international scale. And plenty of de-stress options to ensure that you get to relax after work. Kerala is an exotic destination with verdant landscapes, hospitable people, unique art, culture and heritage that allow you to unravel its mystical beauty and totally surrender, once you’re done with business.

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